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Me and my dad at my high school graduation in 1988

Well, I started off the year with great intentions.  I was going to blog often and and try to post many relevant topics.  We never know however what life has in store for us.  It has been a bit of a rocky start to 2011 but I am hoping to get back on track.  First, I had a car accident at the end of January that totaled my car and left me without a car for a while.  And even more difficult, I lost my dad unexpectedly almost two weeks ago.  It has rocked my world.  I didn’t grow up with my dad as my parents were divorced but as I entered my teenage years we grew closer and spent a lot more time together.  He was my dad but he was also my friend.  In many ways he was larger than life.  He loved joking around and had a great sense of humor.  He and I shared a passion for tennis and we spent many hours on tennis courts playing or watching one another play.  I thought I was doing pretty well the other day and thought playing a little tennis might get my mind off of losing him.  It had the opposite effect.  I arrived at the tennis club that we played at so many times and got really choked up as I walked past court 5 where he often was.  I could see him there with his buddies and all of our memories flashed into my mind.  As I played tennis that night I felt he was there with me but this time I just couldn’t see him.  It was tough playing that night knowing he wouldn’t be there in person again but I made it through my match and know that over time it will be easier to be there.  I love my dad and feel he left this earth too soon but I know he is watching over me.  I am trying now to move forward with my life and that includes getting back on track with making jewelry.  He would want that.   This one is for you dad!  See you again someday!!



Today I watched young 17 year-old Melanie Oudin’s exhilarating win over Maria Sharapova in the U.S. Open. Stamped in Oudin’s tennis shoes is the word “believe”, obviously there to serve as a reminder to believe in herself. Her confidence shines through in her tenacious style of play and she is truly a joy to watch.

Believing in yourself is often half the battle when taking risks. As artists, we put ourselves out there everyday. We create because we love it, but when we decide to take the risk to try and sell our creations, we are opening ourselves up to praise or, in some cases, criticism. The mentally strong people who continue to believe in themselves, even when times are tough, will ultimately find success because when it comes right down to it, if we don’t believe in ourselves, why should anyone else?

This is one of my favorite bracelets that I have made. The pewter charms read “live light”, “integrity”, “laugh”, “inspire”, “create” and…”believe”.

(Originally posted on 9/19/09 on Blogger.)