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Asked to Donate an Item – and said “no”

I have been asked to donate items before and I have done it, partially because I have worked for nonprofit organizations and feel a certain kinship for the people who approach me, and partially because I thought it might help boost my business. Last fall, I was heartened to hear that a piece I donated to a local nonprofit went for full price at auction, but it resulted in no business for me.

Recently, I was approached about donating this bracelet:

I thought about it, but respectfully declined.

I happen to really like this bracelet. I bought the beads at a cool little shop in Laguna Beach on my weekend birthday trip a couple of months ago. I was looking forward to making something fun with the beads and I am thrilled with the results. I would be even more thrilled if I sold it! I think there is a time and a place for donations, but at this time, I don’t have anything available for free. I work hard, as I know all of you do, too, to produce something unique and valuable for my customers and while I try to keep afloat in “this economy”, I need a return on my investment. Right now, the warm feeling of giving cannot equate with the cash that I need to keep my business viable.

(Originally posted on 7/15/10 on Blogger.)


On inspiration for creation

Every artist has their own people, places, or things that inspire them to create. It could be the love of your life, a favorite spot in the park, the sounds of children, or in the case of us desert dwellers stuck in the inferno that is July in Phoenix, the dream of escape! The design for this necklace came to me on a 115-degree day when I was dreaming of beaches and oceans. As I typically do when I am developing a design, I arranged my materials and just let the inspiration take me where it wanted to go. The hemp that I used for the cord and the vibrant colors said “islands” to me and Island Necklace was born. ¬†What inspires you?

(originally posted on Blogger 9/17/09)