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Setting Goals

Goal setting is an extremely important part of your business as well as your life as a whole.  Goals give you direction and help to keep you focused.  Without focus it is easy to spend time working hard but going in many different directions.  As a result, you may find that you are not reaching the level of success you were hoping to achieve.  Goals not only help give you a sense of direction but help you to stay organized, be effective, make better decisions and to stay motivated.  Best of all, goals allow you to measure your success and give you a sense of accomplishment.

There are many ways to go about setting goals.  One thing that I find important is to make sure that your personal goals and business goals fit together.  It is difficult to write one set without giving serious consideration to the other.  One common goal setting method is called the SMART system.  The S, A, and R stand for specific, achievable and realistic.  The M is for measurable and the T is for timely.  An example might be:  I will sell 5 pairs of earrings per month.  This goal is specific in what you want to achieve and it states a number you want to achieve with is measurable and ends with a timeframe.  The following steps have been useful to me when I am writing my goals:

  1. Write down the goal
  2. Set a timeframe
  3. Write down what needs to be done to achieve the goal
  4. Determine whose help is needed
  5. Determine what skill or specific knowledge is needed
  6. Write down the steps to take to reach each goal

I usually start by brainstorming what I want to achieve and what would make me happy.  At this point I don’t worry about putting them in a goal format.   I take these thoughts and put them into my yearly goals .  Then I break my yearly goals into monthly and quarterly goals and tasks.   This then becomes my working plan.

As I review my goals, it is important for me to not only review what I have accomplished but also what goals I did not meet and why.  For me, it is usually because I am missing the knowledge that is needed.  If this is the case then I know that I need to seek out help or information so that I can continue on the road to success.

My suggestion for the New Year is to take some time to set some goals.  Although it takes some time up front to think about and write down your goals, it will save you valuable time in the long run by keeping you on the right track.  Lastly, I will leave you with the top 10 reasons people fail from

  1. Taking action without planning
  2. Planning without taking action
  3. Unrealistic timeframes and expectations
  4. Reasons “why” are unclear
  5. Denial of reality
  6. Conflicting values
  7. Diffusion of energy
  8. Lack of focus
  9. Trying to do it all alone
  10. Fear of failure

Take some time to think about these and make sure to address them when setting your goals.  Don’t let fear stand in the way of your success!